There are many reasons to be grateful at this time of year.  Please read the attached expression of gratitude on behalf of those who have benefited from your generosity  Thank you.

Service Trip Report - November 2022

We had a successful and full trip to Kenya after more than a three-year hiatus because of the pandemic.  A highlight of the trip was the two-day free medical camp put on by the Grow-a-Doc/Nurse graduates and students.  This camp was special because we reacquainted with many we had not seen in years.

Please see all the details in the 2-part report attached.


Northern Ethiopia continues to be in crisis mode.  Our projects in Lalibela, near the Tigray region, have been put on hold while we continue to provide funds for food to several hundred residents and refugees.  There is no electricity.  The cease fire achieved in May has collapsed. This was received from our helper, Desiye:  Between the governing body and the TPLF terrorist team, fighting is back and attack is from three directions. 

In the area where we work, no other aid organization is operating.  We are it....

Good news, bad news

First the good news:  Despite great challenges of covid, inflation, and national economic  crises, our PLANT A SEED, GROW A DOC & PLANT A SEED, GROW A NURSE students have prevailed.  We have several M.D. and B.S.N. graduates last year and this year, dedicated to serving their people.

This, from Maurine Keraa, who graduated last year and who has now completed an internship at Chuka Referral Hospital: