"SISTERS, SISTERS, there were never such devoted SISTERS!" *

The S.I.S.T.E.R.S. of St. Thomas More church in Glendale Arizona have done it again!  At their annual fashion show and luncheon at Arrowhead Country Club on September 16 they listened to an Africa update by Kathleen Harrison and responded generously by donating for jewelry and craft items and alternative gift cards.  HARAMBEE received more that $1,300...money that will go to fund our Grow A Doc program.  We're now supporting NINE Kenyan students, at a cost of $4,500 per year each.

Special thanks go to Therese Catellier and Joanne Major for their tireless efforts and gracious hospitality.

I wonder if you're old enough to remember the great song "Sisters"  written by Irving Berlin and sung by Rosemary Clooney.


Just met Keen at the Sisters Fashion show. Thrilled to find a mission giving directly to the people and especially to the Grow a Doc program. I'm looking forward to following your progress with this program especially.
I don't understand how I earmark my donation thru PayPal for the Grow a Doc program. But it did look like I could make the donation a recurring automatic donation. Is that right?

Thanks for your great follow-through!

(I'm preparing your gift card right now!)

If there is not a field in the PayPal page for noting a comment (such as "donation for Grow A Doc")

then I ask that you jot a short email noting "grow a doc donation" in the subject field. You can do this thru the website "contact us."


I've looked into making the donation a recurring automatic donation.  The PayPal website states that the charge for this service is $30/month for this service and it just would not be cost effective to do so.

It may be possible for your bank to make automatic monthly payments.  If you are interested in more information about this, please email me.

Again, many thanks for your compassion and generosity!


Dear Janis,

just fyi...you can indeed make a recurring donation on our website thru PayPal.  I hope you'll consider doing so!  If you'll send me an email at keen@projectharambee.org I'll send you our 2013 newsletter/progress report.  Your donated dollars are changing the world!


We are headed to Kenya soon to participate in the graduation of our first Grow A Doc student...very exciting for us all!

Many thanks,


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