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Ruddy pelicans, falcons, larks, kingfishers-these are only a portion of the uncommon, delightful types of winged animals that you would discover here. Home to more than 350 fledgling species, the Keoladeo Ghana National Park (prevalently known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) is a standout amongst other spots to visit close Delhi for feathered creature viewing with your family. The best time to visit is in the winter's the point at which the winged creatures relocate to India and you can watch them fabricating their homes. The haven is loaded with huge numbers of winged animals and is most likely the motivation behind why is viewed as a fowl watcher's heaven. Keep in mind to convey binoculars along! Other than that, you can likewise visit the Lohagarh Fort, an engineering wonder worked in the 18thcentury by King Suraj Mal that certainly requires your consideration.

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