Today I received the following update from our tireless & trusted helper in Lalibela, Ethiopia, Desiye Melku.  Thank you to all who have helped these unfortunate good people.  You have literally saved lives & preserved much normalcy for children who are just as dear as ours here!  (Please click on photo attachments below.)

Blessings to all!!
Greetings to you from Lalibela, Ethiopia!
Hope everything is going well with you there?
Well done, here I would like to convey some updates about the situations here and the students, COVID impact and Displaces.
1st – About the students who are attending in lalibela – Thanks to your endless generosity, attentively follow up and special encouragements, you enables them to attend their study without a fears of economical shortages, and discontinuing. At this time, they already completed for this academic year. Due Ethiopia calendar students completed school first of July and starting again in late August. And most of them are now school break. However, they are at home for a month, they are seeking your helps as usual because, they don’t have any means of income or no body is willing to assist others this time in the town, since the Tourism industry blockings affected the entire communities directly and indirectly.

Most our students are also from Displaced family.  Likewise, there are no any kinds of job opportunity to work and earn money for the people. Double burden of the COVID and instabilities in the country worsting the situation for tourism dependent community. Now a days, Many of the other students even come to us often to get supports and to be including. When their requests became too worse, there are some probabilities of stretching your help in small ways and fairly,  which it should be given to the regular students.
2nd – About the displaced persons – As it’s obviously known, we was able to assist the IPDs (internally displaced persons) who were critically affected economical, difficult for surviving for the time being. Some of them who were come from the area masses of conflicts called ATAYE and surroundings are back to their village as the government resolving the problem. Now a day, the displaced persons are coming from SEKOTA and TIGRAY because the very active instability occurrence are there currently.  There are still displaces  in the town at the camp; they seek our help even this time, but we already informed them as we are not in the positions of supporting them. They need food, and sanitation materials. It is very worsting to manage as the problems are critical regarding displaces. The young girls and boys are in the camp. We are visiting them sometimes and they are tellings that they need to work, i mention above the tourism is total paralysis, the town economic sector is blocked.
3rd – About the COVID – 19 vaccinations – the vaccinations were  distributed for the peoples separately, that it’s giving for health professionals and very oldest persons since there are shortages of vaccinations. It is not accessible for the time being.
4th – About the college students – Three of them are studying attentively.  They are still attending their study in Bahir Dar. One of the Pharmacy Student named (Tringo ), she is going to be graduate August on.
All of them will never forget praying and giving thanks to the almighty God for your blessed life and longevity. Your kindnesses  perceptibly incredible and incomparable.
It’s easy to pretend what would be those persons fate, unless you became able to assist them in such ways. Without your special support, these extremely  students and displaced person’s suffering would be too worse. Your support is tremendously appreciated.
These are the current updates regarding with those peoples and the situations of Lalibela.
Best wishes