September 5, 2013.   Project HARAMBEE was featured on Jerome McDonnell's Global Activism segment on NPR's World View today. It's about 40 minutes into the program:

This map will show you why I am impassioned about working to help the needs in Africa:

An in-depth analysis of factors keeping a large segment of the world's population trapped in poverty:  The Bottom Billion, by Paul Collier.

To learn of a gripping film about a Nairobi squatter settlement and the orphanage for HIV+ children, go to

A wonderful organization that works for transcultural health care education:

 Without the help of the following groups, it would not be possible for Project Harambee  to move ahead quickly in helping Kenyan HIV+ women and their families:,

And for a real treat, read the illustrated "Out of Africa" by Karen Blixen.  Fabulous!