HARAMBEE is dedicated to helping African famlies (particularly women) impacted by HIV to help themselves.  They do not want a handout, they want a hand-UP.  HARAMBEE now supports projects in four countries, a total of seven sites:  KENYA:  Mukuru (a slum outside Nairobi);  Upendo Village (in Naivasha, in the country), Kaluoki Village (Mutaita School) and Lea Toto clinics (in slums, outreach programs begun by Father D'Agostino, S.J., M.D., founder of the orphanage Nyumbani);  ZAMBIA:  Office of Peace & Justice, Chipata.  Rwanda:  Dairy Goat project managed by Dr. Jode Garbe, of RwandaNow.  Uganda:  Dairy goat project at Adonai Children's Centre, outside of Kampala.

               "All pull together" for Kenya's HIV+ women

  • We  provide seed money & donated items (sewing machines, vitamins, dairy goats, ) to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and earn a livelihood in a supportive work environment , caring for themselves, each other, and  their families.
  • We educate those at risk of HIV.  2013 project:  In June, our Grow A Doc students launch their community service program:  a travelling puppet show educating children and adults about good health care.  Stay tuned for more on this!  2006 EDUCATION INITIATIVE: volunteers
  • We spread information about the plight of sub-Saharan Africa due to the AIDS pandemic.  It is difficult to grasp the deprivation and horror that is part of daily living for good, innocent people in Africa.  Through our website, links,  and public speaking engagements, we hope to play at least a small role in increasing public awareness.  Our experience is that people in the U.S. are kindhearted and responsive when serious need is brought to their attention. WE WANT NOT ONLY YOUR GENEROSITY, BUT A CHANGE IN THINKING THAT WILL MANDATE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ACTION.  We believe that there are enough resources in the world to go around;  they merely need to be distributed more equitably.  Please reach out to your brothers and sisters and make that happen!           



It's hard to keep up with everything on this site! Please have a look at the blog, which has the progress reports issued in 2011 and 2012. We are so proud to be able to further help RwandaNow! with their community development project. And...this year (2013), we're able to help a project to bring veterinary students from Louisiana State University to learn and help with the animal sanctuary started by Dr. Jode Garbe. AND...we have accepted our SEVENTH sponsored student in the Grow A Doc program in Kenya. Our first three students will graduate in December, 2013, so stay tuned!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2010:  Founding of the Africa Medical Education Network (AMEN), with Dr. John McNulty of Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, Illinois.  This is a consortium of 5 medical colleges in Kenya in collaboration with Stritch School of Medicine.  The goal is student-to-student exchanges via webconferencing, travel of U.S. medical students to Kenya, and participation in a joint service project with Kenyan students.  Founding of HARAMBEE's Plant a Seed, Grow a Doc program, providing support for deserving Kenyan students for medical training.  In return, on graduation they will work in medically underserved areas of Kenya.  We have three students in training at Mount Kenya University and two in training at Kenya Methodist University.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2009: Two service trips to Kenya this year, with major new developments.  Read our Spring 2009 Report and Summer 2009 Report.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2007 & 2008:  YIKES!  Three trips to Kenya and Zambia occurred within a year, and several new projects have been started, several already successfully completed.  Please have a look at the blogs on the home page.  It's difficult to keep the website current, but I ask your patience.  So many are being helped by your compassion and generosity.  We have finished a women's poultry co-op in Zambia, a community piggery in Zambia, are beginning work on another piggery in Zambia, initiated a schoolchildren's  porridge  program in Kaluoki Village, Kenya, and our great "save the earth from plastic" crocheted tote bag program in three sites.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2006:  This is a brief summary and will be elaborated at a later date

1.        Designed a business and marketing plan for Harambee crafts, with the help of three graduate students of business at LoyolaUniversity.

      2.   Organized  student volunteer trip to Kenya. This is a comprehensive program including fundraising,     student education, and an in-country program of service work and an epidemiological study resulting in two scholarly publications and presentation of two workshops in LoyolaUniversity’s Leadership Development Conference .

3.   With the volunteer help of a professional grant writer, authored a proposal for the development and expansion of a Chicago-based medical volunteer program.

4.   Initiated CHICAGO AFRICA CARE CONSORTIUM (See listserve and information in Yahoo Groups), regional networking organization for those interested in working here and in Africa furthering education and sustainable development in Africa.

5.    Initiated "Critters for Kenya", a program promoting donations for purchasing milk goats, chickens, and beehives in Kenya. 

6.    Planned March, 2007 trip to Kenya to implement the "Critters for Kenya" program, in collaboration with Baraka Agricultural College.

       In addition, we will be visiting clinics and educating pregnant women and new mothers in oral rehydration therapy and distributing ORT kits.

       A final initiative we are addressing on this trip is soapmaking.  We believe that small novelty soaps will be attractive to tourists and owners of hotels and safari lodges.  This will promote development in Kenya and self-reliance for the HARAMBEE women's groups.  We hope they will ultimately be able to sell the majority of their products in Kenya rather than relying on sales in the U.S.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2005:  Organized as non-profit under fiscal sponsorship of a 501 c (3) ngo;  Donated sewing machines and multivitamin pills delivered to 3 Kenya HARAMBEE sites;  $5,000 in donations placed in escrow or sent to women's groups for expenses;  Chicago-wide medical student volunteer program launched;  Adoption by Loyola University Management Dept. as project to organize HARAMBEE groups as co-ops and market goods via internet and here in the U.S.