The future of every country lies in its children.  HARAMBEE is dedicated to helping African famlies impacted by HIV improve the lives of their vulnerable children.  We do this by supporting sustainable community development projects in education, health care, and economics,  projects that are not "charitable" but empowering;  Africans don't want a handout, but a hand UP.

                                 "All pull together" for social justice in Africa 

  • We provide high-yield dairy goats to improve children's nutrition and family economics.
  • We provide pigs for a pig farm, proceeds of which  support girls' primary school education.
  • We provide solar lanterns for students and solar cookers for mothers.
  • We provide contractual scholarships to young people for health profession education (Plant A Seed, Grow A Doc).  Graduates and students serve in children's clinics and medically underserved regions
  • Our Grow A Doc students engage in a travelling puppet show educating children and adults about good health care as well as educating those at risk of HIV.  
  • We purchase craft items and jewelry from mothers' co-op empowerment groups to support their children.
  • We  provide seed money & donated items (sewing machines, vitamins) for families to  maintain a healthy lifestyle and earn a livelihood in a supportive work environment.
  • It is difficult to grasp the deprivation that is part of daily living for good, innocent people in Africa.  Through our website, links,  and public speaking engagements, we hope to play a role in increasing public awareness.  People in the U.S. are kindhearted and responsive when serious need is brought to their attention. WE WANT NOT ONLY YOUR GENEROSITY, BUT A CHANGE IN THINKING THAT WILL ENGENDER PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ACTION.  
  • There are enough resources in the world to go around;  they merely need to be distributed more equitably.  Please reach out to your brothers and sisters and make that happen!