FILM: Buster, Willie, Nelson, Cricket, Otis. YOU, TOO, CAN NAME A GOAT IN AFRICA!

Another of our great donated dairy goats, named by Steve from Glendale, Arizona.  The goats yield 2-3 litres of rich milk every day.  The firstborn kid is returned, to be given to another family.  This builds community and ensures accountability and sustainability of this program in Kenya.  Want to name a goat?  Email us & we'll send you a fabulous gift card.  A perfect Christmas present to someone in Africa who has nothing, from someone who has everything!  We film the family in Africa and send the film to you.
Here's the film we sent to Irene and Arash, who were given 2 dairy goats for a wedding present.  They named the goats Willie & Nelson.  The newlyweds already had 5 toasters and 4 they were thrilled to get dairy goats in Uganda...a gift that keeps growing.

Peggy, a donor on Long Island NY, named her goat Otis and was happy to get this video.  It was our first attempt at video recording, and we hope to improve on our next trip!  FYI:  "muzungu" means "white person" in Swahili.