Service Trip: January/February 2012

"Travel is death to prejudice" said Mark Twain.  I second it!  When you are far away from home, stripped of all that's familiar and comfortable, you can do one of two things:  retreat to your hotel room with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon, or embrace the opportunity for adventure and growth.  Your preconceived notions of a people and land will disappear as you surrender to experience and discover friends and new joys.  When people ask me "What are Africans like?"  I tell them "Look in the mirror."  This is quite true...wherever I've travelled I've found that people are more alike than different;  we all want the same things...enough to eat, to care for our children, peace of mind, a fair future. 

Come back soon to read about our expanding GROW A DOC program...and please support this worthy program.  We are educating Kenyans to serve others in their country.  A great gift card comes with your donation...just the right way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary for a relative or friend who has everything.  And learn of our new project in Rwanda, helping Jode Garber, a veterinarian from Seattle who is building a refuge and farm outside Kigali.  She urged me to go see the gorillas in the Virunga Mountains.  I did, and what an adventure!  Will post a report and photos as soon as I recover!

And of course I'll also post photos of some of the new dairy goats in Kenya and Rwanda...YOUR gifts, which you have named.  And the Kenyans and Rwandans will name you in their prayers daily, thankful for your desire to help make the world and life a little bit more fair.