Maternal/child mortality

The UNICEF report below, issued yesterday (9/19/08), corroborates my experience in Kenya.  In May of this year in the village of Kaluoki a midwife told me of the deaths of several women from hemorrhage during childbirth or miscarriage.  No one in the village or anywhere nearby owns a car, and so a woman in distress is taken to the n


During the holiday season last year, TEACHERS received 67,483 candles,   82,792 bottles of hand lotion and 98,327 Starbuck’s gift cards from their students**.  It will take approximately 17 years to burn all the candles and 19 years to use all of the hand lotion. 

2007 progress

      The 2006 medical volunteer program continues to reap rewards. There have been publications & media interviews to draw attention to sub-Saharan Africa & the need for medical education addressing global health and social justice. Several students returned to Kenya in 02/07 to continue work with community development. Donations for crafts made by the groups in Kenya help us all by supporting the Kenyan families affected by HIV & enabling us to raise funds for future projects.