Stories from Africa

Africa Stories:  During our February/March 2011 Africa service trip, we taped several Kenyan family members who have directly benefitted from your donations.  Please go to Facebook (Kathleen Harrison/Project Harambee) to view some of these touching interviews.  Here's a direct link to a video with Everlyne, who lives in Kibera--a slum outside Nairobi.  She is head of Women's Power Group and lovingly responded to an HIV+ baby when the child's birth mother abandoned her.   We've seen many similar stories like this in Kenya, but not too many like it in our own back yard,

Education Stories

Earning a Living:  A broken sewing machine, chewing gum, and the patron saint of practical necessity

Most of our stories come from our 3 HARAMBEE-sponsored women’s projects in Kenya: 

(1)   Upendo Village, a health clinic run by Sister Florence, a Kenyan nun (educated at Loyola University in Chicago). A woman may walk for two days with a child on her back to reach the clinic. 
(2)    Mukuru, a major slum outside of Nairobi, with 300,000 people, no streets, no sanitary facilities, no electricity or running water.
(3)   Lea Toto clinics, children's health centers located in several Nairobi slums.  They are part of a larlarger organization serving children who are HIV+, founded by Jesuit physician Father Angelo D'Agostino: