2007 progress

      The 2006 medical volunteer program continues to reap rewards. There have been publications & media interviews to draw attention to sub-Saharan Africa & the need for medical education addressing global health and social justice. Several students returned to Kenya in 02/07 to continue work with community development. Donations for crafts made by the groups in Kenya help us all by supporting the Kenyan families affected by HIV & enabling us to raise funds for future projects.
      In April, four of us completed this year’s Kenya service trip. My daughter Kate worked with us & it was a joy to share in her first experience of Africa. Implementing the 2007 “Critters for Kenya” program was delightful & we still are getting orders for dairy goats & chickens & donations for more beehives. Groups of women all around Kenya are making & selling soap because of Barb Bodner’s expert consultation & teaching. Carol Flasnick brought Montana to Africa & Africa back to Montana with her skill teaching oral rehydration therapy. Next year we will hear about babies saved with this important health tool.  
       In 2008 we are launching two new initiatives. The first is solar cooking stoves, an ingenious solution, requiring a reasonable investment of about $35 each.   The second project: A telemedicine clinic, linking a live webcam in a rural Kenyan clinic via satellite to volunteer docs and educators here in the U.S. Stay tuned for more! And as always, thank you for your generosity & compassion for our brothers and sisters who ask for nothing & deserve so much.