Opportunities for 2008

      In 2008 we are launching a new initiative:  WHAT'S COOKIN' IN KENYA?  sponsoring solar stoves.   We see many women spending hours each day collecting firewood in the Kenyan countryside. This takes valuable time and threatens the environment due to deforestation, pollution, and fire hazard. The solar stoves are an ingenious solution, requiring a reasonable investment of  $35 each. They are simple: a sturdy box-like device with reflector panels focusing sunlight on a central area holding a pot. This quickly heats—hot enough to boil water (another advantage: easily pasteurized water). These stoves are perfect for an equatorial country like Kenya. We’ll begin with a small pilot program this year to ensure that all the bugs are worked out before a major investment is made. Our goal: 200 families with solar cooking stoves by the end of the year. That’s much labor and wood saved, fire hazard reduced, and a lot of smoke not going into the air and into people's lungs.


     So stay tuned--and if you want the adventure of a lifetime, email keen@projectharambee.org  for information about helping us in Kenya with this work.  But be careful--ours is not a comfortable vacation, it's Boot Camp Africa, difficult in ways you can't foresee.  Guaranteed to stretch your character six ways from Sunday.  Guaranteed to break open your heart and fill it with a concern and love rarely encountered elsewhere, if you are tough enough to grow in this way.


To order solar stoves, you can use paypal (see link below) and send an email to receive a gift card.


 PayPal, or send a check payable to:  HARAMBEE/MUGHAMBA (501 c 3)
POB 1724     North Riverside, Illinois 60546