2019 Top Rated Non-Profit

We are one of the first winners of a 2019 TOP-RATED Award from GreatNonprofits!

We appreciate all of your support.  Read inspiring stories about us and add your own if you wish.

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Once again we've been rated as a great nonprofit.  It's a gift for me, as founder and director of Harambee, to serve as a conduit for the compassionate help offered by supporters here to those who need it most.  I believe that there are enough resources in the world for all--they merely need to be distributed more equitably.  How happy I am to play a small part in this process!  One of our friends in Kenya, Waithira Gitu, wrote the following about Harmbee:

"My name is Waithira Gitu, An Artison, widow, mother of five and caregiver to an hiv+ girl. I am also a community health volunteer with leatoto program, a project of Nyumbani (Cogri) which extends care to Hiv+ children in the wider communities in Nairobi.

I am among the many women who have and continue to benefit from project Harambee.

Project Harambee through Keen has been buying our crafts and have worked tirelessly to market them. It has enabled me and many other women to educate our children.

Keen has supported me with many ideas that have helped me to improve on my work.

Project harambee have been buying many crafts from us and the money from the crafts have always been brought back to Kenya to support the orphans and vulnerable children whom many I know have graduated from Catholic and Mount Kenya Universities .

 I witnessed the support of diapers to mothers who had young babies in Langata prison in Nairobi. The project has support many many children who come from the slums in Nairobi.

Long live Project Harambee.