April in Africa, 2016

We arrived safe & sound, but of course weary from our long journey to Nairobi from Chicago.  But our suitcases are packed with donated meds (THANKS, McGleams!), shoes for children (THANKS, Katie Kralik!), brown dolls (THANKS Deltas & others, especially Kaye Lewellyn & SISTERS in Glendale AZ!), and much appreciated First Communion dresses (THANKS Mary Walsh & others!).

I'll post photos of our work, but it might be easier to see them on our Facebook page:  Project Harambee, NFP (we're the one with our logo of the African mother & baby).

We headed out to Kibera to see our dear Grow A Doc student M., who endured a tragic attack last year.  In January she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Neville.  M. was the highest scoring student ever in her high school & she's determined to finish medical school & serve her people.  We're behind her all the way!  (THANKS Kathy Lape, Mary Grisolano, & other generous donors who are making this happen.)

Then off to Langatta Women's Prison, to visit & distribute more brown dolls & toy cars.

Saturday we visited Our Lady of Guadalupe religious ed program & spoke with students.  We distributed letters written by kids at St. Terrence in Alsip, IL (THANKS, Judi Haines!) & gave out pencils so that the students here could write return letters (THANKS, compassionate rep at AVANTI Lipids!).

And...there is something blissful about looking out at the lovely jacaronda blossoms while listening to Joan Baez  & enjoying morning coffee.  HUGE THANKS to husband John!

Trips to Africa are not nearly as difficult or expensive as you might think.  The weather is gorgeous, cooler some days than at home.  Please consider joining us on a service mission.

We're off now to plan a meeting with our Grow A Doc students & grads.  Stay tuned for more soon!