COVID-19 update

Here in the USA, of course we’re going through tough times.

But imagine if you were a family of 5 living in a room the size of your bathroom, with toilets and water sources shared among large numbers. Yes, that’s the situation in places where we work in Africa.  Please see the two photos of Kibera. Our Grow A Doc/Grow A Nurse grads & students who are working with patients don’t have access to gowns or masks.  We’re doing our best to help, sending funds for soap, bleach, food, & whatever ppe can be found.  Respirators for patients?  Only in their dreams. 

In rural areas, hand-washing is the only protection.  See the photo sent by one of our nurses.

They are bracing for the worst…infection & death in catastrophic numbers. 

If you have a little extra resources during this time of layoffs & financial loss, please give to help those less fortunate.  The cost of a Starbucks coffee can feed a family in Africa for days!

We are, after all, in this together, with none more deserving of life and health than any other.

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