Help for Business Development

The Marketing Department in Loyola University Chicago's School of Business Administration has assigned a team of three students to work with us in Chicago and Nairobi, as part of their graduate coursework,  developing HARAMBEE's business and marketing plan.  The goal is to use appropriate business principles and tools to transform our charitable enterprise (craft workshops employing HIV+  Kenyan women) into a self-supporting, sustainable business marketing handicrafts in the U.S., Kenya, and on our website.  Stay tuned for more, or contact us! feedback  Thank you to  Dr. Jill Graham and Dr. Michael Welch.

UPDATE:  I have received inquiries from other ngo's in sub-Saharan Africa regarding how to develop a business and market goods.  I will happily share the Loyola information with them.  Goodness is contagious;  let's start an epidemic!