This accounting was sent to us by Desiye Melku.  (Please read other pages for background.)

Assistance for internal displaced person

Hello all Harambee families

The internally displaced persons  who have been obligated to flee or leave their homes, places of habitual residence as a result if political, ethnic cleansing , war between TPLF and Federal government of Ethiopia.

We are distributed Harambee fund for displacements here in Lalibela today. We distributed face mask for protecting them from COVID-19 transmission, body and clothes soaps and cash. We used our judgment to distribute the help for 412 family leaders displaced those who are live in community shelters, and those who are still living on the streets. 

 We are distributed by stretching the fund (those who has 1-3 family members $18, 4-5 family members $20 and ≥6 family members $27.5 received respectively). We have provided the support to beneficiaries on the campus of 4 schools in their local.

We have observed the victims’ homes burned, two cars burned, mothers and fathers killed, their children killed, and so on. One women husband, her husband’s brother and a housemaid were injured and they are in Felege Hiwot hospital, Bahirdar, are receiving their medical treatment on bedside at this time. She comes to lalibela with her two children (10 years old girl and 13 age boy). She is keeping crying and so sad. There are many untold able tragedy for all displaced. We have met with a man who is injured by gun and now he is attending his medical treatment in Lalibela hospital.  I want to travel Bahirdar Thursday on to see the three people admitted in Felege-hiwot hospital.

Priests, old people and all the entire displaced beneficiaries were pray for Harambee families. They all expressed there are so happy for unexpected help and expressed their deepest gratitude! Now Ethiopia are on fasting time and during this time they are promised to keeping praying for Harambee family to be protect from the current global COVID crises.


We have fruitful discussion with our beneficiaries about their future. Based on our discussion their comments were

  1. Many of displaced want to back to their places of habitual residence because the areas were assured them the security is safe. So they want to use the help for transportation maybe this week. They are very happy to get the help.
  2. About 25 critical people those are living on the street are telling us, they have got pieces of Land from the local Kebele to build 5×4 resident room. But they couldn’t to afford to build their room. They seek help.
  3. Some of people among the displaced raised ideas that they are preferring to organizing themselves to do projects like beekeeping, mill and other business  for their sustainable food security

We made no promises and clues except listen carefully to their thoughts.

It was heartbreaking to see our brothers and sisters in distress because of the above-mentioned problems.

However, it was a great pleasure to help these needy brothers and sisters through your help.

When we did this today, there were tears in the eyes of our helpless brothers and sisters, and we were saddened when they were upset.

Finally, we were very happy when we give this mask, soap, and money.

With this help, according to our culture and religion, stood up and offered prayers to the Harambee family who supported them, as well as to us.

Finally, they expressed their gratitude and greetings to you.

We parted in prayer and good wishes and prayers for Harambee families and donors. We are very happy to have this support.


For Harambee

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