Harambee Staff

All work for Project Harambee is on a volunteer basis.   HARAMBEE has no paid staff.
Director,; Kathleen Harrison, Ph.D.

BLESSINGS to Ali Torkzadeh for his donated website work.

Thanks to Therese and Bill Catalier, faithful supports in Glendale, Arizona.

Thanks also to Eileen and John McGlean in Illinois.  They are tireless supporters, helping to spread word about our work and collect donated supplies for Africa.

And cheers to Heidi Horan.  She is an angel without wings...although she does fly for a living, spreading the word about HARAMBEE transcontinentally.

NEEDED:  Student interns.   If you are a high school or college student with a desire to promote social justice in the world and can donate a few hours consistently in a week, please email HARAMBEE;   We need you.  Speak with your advisor or a faculty member at your school to see if you can earn academic credit for your work.