St Aloysius Students for "Grow a Doc"

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I am a boy aged 19yrs and was born at Pumwani Hospital in 21st No 1991. I started my education at happy Kids school before joining Ayany Primary School for my primary education. I studied there for eight years and that is where I did my K.C.P.E exams. I managed to score a total of 321 marks out of 500.Going to high school became a challenge to me because of my mothers death for she had been our family’s bread winner and we were now left with the father who had a low paying job. He was now unable to take care of us and this made me lose hope in education.

It was not too late for my father happened to hear about St Aloysius a school that was helping orphans like me who could not continue with secondary education because of school fees. This information was obtained from a friend of my father who had been working at Hands of Love Society. Without wasting time I sent the necessary documents to the school and successfully enough I was short listed among the qualifying names.

I did an interview and by good luck I was given a chance to learn their. I was so happy about the good news and promised not to waste that time. My friends tried to discourage me about the location of the school but it’s only me who knew the benefit that I was going to obtain from their and so it did not bother me at all. St Aloysius really changed me a lot for I would have ended up engaging in immoral behaviors here in Kibera.

My main aim is to continue with my education until further studies for I have high hopes of being successful person in life. My main ambition is to be a Doctor and I pray that I also give back to the community especially to the marginalized such as orphans the disabled ones and my family.



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My name is Faith Akinyi Juma .I am twenty years old. My parents’ names are Moses Juma and Joice Adhiambo. I come from a family of eight that is four boys and four girls. Two boys passed away that is the fist born and the one that is before me. I am the fifth born and began my education in the year 1994 at Little Prince school in Mombasa. My fathers ill condition made him quit and so we were forced to move up country. He was a truck driver and also suffered from T.B due to the dust and smoke that he was exposed to. I joined my class one in the year 1996 and did my K.C.S.E.while my dad was still ailing.

He later passed away in the year 2002 when the family needed him the most for he was the bread winner. I did my K.C.S.E. in the year 2004 and managed to attain 315 marks .I was called to Ahero Girls High School. This was not going to be possible for my mum had no money. I came to Nairobi in late February to my aunt’s place jut to try if she could take me to school.

I joined St Angelic Girls High School in Meru in second term. During this period I was at other times forced to stay home for half a term for she said that she had no money. I was forced to say back home the next term and so she told me to try my luck St Aloysius for she had head rumors of it. I did the follow ups by myself and managed to get a chance.

 As time went by she wasn’t happy of my good performance for her kids were doing badly at school.This made her at times switch off the lights while I was still studying telling me that I was misusing the power. She at times made me go hungry especially on Saturdays and Sundays. It reached a point when she told me to leave her house. I approached the headmaster Mr. Kiambi and explained my situation to him. He wanted to talk to my aunt who failed to show up for the meeting. I was from then made to join the hostel where I’m staying till now. I thank St Aloysius for what they are doing.



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My name is Collins Ochieng Yallah.I come from a family of six and both my parents passed away while I was still young. My mother was the first one to pass away in 1998 and there after my father passed away after twelve years. They died of HIV and later on my sister who had been of great support to us also passed away. Since then life hasn’t been easy for me for I was left in the hands of my grandmother who also passed away in 2001.I was forced to go back home where I stayed with my step mother who was so kind to me. My brothers and sisters had to survive by their own means for their was nobody to take care of them. My elder brother stays upcountry while the other two are small scale businessmen.

I did my primary school back upcountry ay a pace called Ugunja in Kisumu district a school called St Lawrence Lunjre Primary School where I attended catechism classes. I did my national exams in the year 2005 and managed to qualify to a provincial school. Fortunately enough I managed to get a chance at St Aloysius when I came to stay with brother in the city. Hence forth I new that my life had started changing for I promise myself to work hard and aspire my dreams of pursuing medicine. I did my K.C.S.E exams in the year 2009 and managed to attain a mean grade of a B-that is 53 points.

At school I was a member of the French, Science, Maths and the athletics club. I my life I aspire to get a career that will touch so many lives that is medicine to my greatest capacity. I also thinking of joining a religious community so that I may be free I my life to provide my services at any place that they will be recognized and needed in this world. I believe that when one is free from family issues he/she can offer services to the society at any time when they are needed