AA video contest results


Flight/Camera/Action September 15 Contest Results
We did not win the Grand Prize in the above contest, but I got my wish:  A wonderful organization was chosen:  Hope Force International.  They bring emergency medical help to disaster areas around the globe, &  I believe they will make the most effective use of the prizes won. 
We owe a debt of gratitude to those who watched, voted, & asked their friends & colleagues to do the same.  It's an honor to have made that final cut, considering that hundreds of videos were submitted to American Airlines.  Votes came from all five continents and New Zealand, from Abu Dhabi to Brooklyn to Hanoi.  
HARAMBEE's business model is the widow's mite--the belief that the quality of small acts done with a pure heart counts just as much as quantity.  God isn't a statistician.  We can change the world by changing just one person's world.  So many of you have done that, and what a difference you've made!  Thank you all.
Video fabulously produced by volunteer Pam Pulice, Reel Stories Studio  www.ReelStories.tv