FILM: A Goat Named Mary...and Virginia...and Sweeney...and Cricket....

One of our most productive programs is the dairy goat project.  Donors in the U.S. give $150;  in return they receive a handmade goat gift card.  The recipient of the card gets to name the goat!  Plus, we take his or her picture to Africa to give the goat's new family.  This video, although amateur, depicts parents receiving their life-giving goats for their families.  Please view our other videos to learn of our other income-generating projects. 


FILM: Everlyne & Shirley: Would you be able to respond like this?

This is the story of Everlyne, who lives in Kibera and heads Women's Power Group, one of the co-ops supported by HARAMBEE.  I got a big surprise when meeting with Everlyne.  She'd come to deliver skirts I ordered.  If you like them, you can purchase one for $30 including postage.  Email me:  keen@harambee.lorg

GROW A DOC: Filmed interview with Samuel

We are so proud of our student Samuel, recommended to us by Sister Florence Muia of Upendo Village.  He successfully completed his first year of the clinical officer program at Kenya Methodist University in Meru, Kenya and has distinguished himself as a leader.  Giving this wonderful young man a future, a future serving others, was possible through your help.  When we visited Meru last February we met with him and heard his story.  Here it is for you, just click here.

March 2011 update from our trip

A child was kneeling in the dust on the dirt floor of the school next to Adonai Children’s Home. With head bowed her gesture was saying “thank you” for the small gift from HARAMBEE she’d chosen. Every child did the same. I asked who taught them to do this. Our host Aloysious Luswata said “It’s a sign of respect.” OK. “It dates from colonial times.” Not OK. Clearly a symbol of subjection and subservience, it made me very uncomfortable. Anthropologically correct or not, I showed an alternative and we all happily switched to a “high five” ‘til day’s end.

Upendo Report 2010

The following report just came via email from Stephanina Kuria, who administers HARAMBEE projects at Upendo Village in Naivasha, Kenya.  These are sustainable, empowering works.  The report is lengthy, but gives a full accounting of YOUR work there.  Please read carefully... and scroll down to see all the photos, which are labelled above each shot.  Your goat may be named, along with its progress.  Blessings to you all for doing God's work on earth.