South Sudan Needs You

Below is an email from our friend Father Basilio Lukudo, whom we visited in Juba, South Sudan, last year.  Things there are desperate.  If help is not received immediately, one-third of the population of this struggling new nation will be near starvation by year's end.  I am able to wire cash to him through Saturday, May 24.   Please respond to his plea and donate.  EVERY CENT OF YOUR DONATION WILL REACH HIM AND WILL SAVE LIVES!  Any amount at all is appreciated.  Thank you for your compassion and generosity.
Dear Keen,
It is an opportunity for me to have this chance and convey you greetings and best wishes of Easter Season.
I am trying to tell you that we are a live. it was a difficult moment and a disaster when war broke in Juba Town and split in to other regions in the country, many lives were lost. Thousands people lost their lives in Juba only.  Many children are left orphans. People stay for more than a Month in Church compound for security and protection. We face issue of food because of high prices and lack of money.
the issue of food is of great concern. People some do not have food for a day. families in Juba become larger. like in my fathers house almost twenty three members seeking security, but that got implication in the family. food is not enough some children are not able to go to school.
the situation make me un stable in my ministry.

All in all we are looking for any support, for food and schooling. in their names I nock doors for help.
I thank you for what you are for us, your concern and understanding.
I am now in Nairobi for a period of one week I will go back next Sunday the 25 th May.
May God bless you, and be assured of our prayers.