COVID-19 update

Here in the USA, of course we’re going through tough times.

But imagine if you were a family of 5 living in a room the size of your bathroom, with toilets and water sources shared among large numbers. Yes, that’s the situation in places where we work in Africa.  Please see the two photos of Kibera. Our Grow A Doc/Grow A Nurse grads & students who are working with patients don’t have access to gowns or masks.  We’re doing our best to help, sending funds for soap, bleach, food, & whatever ppe can be found.  Respirators for patients?  Only in their dreams. 

Giving Tuesday

Tomorrow (Dec 3, 2019) is "Giving Tuesday".  If you have come here to help support our efforts in Africa, there is a donate button to the right.  Thank you. 

Progress Report: All we've done on our 2019 Service Mission to Kenya & Ethiopia


Nearly a month in Africa with 2 new great volunteers, Dee
and Tonda.  You'll want to know all about our service work, our
adventures, our new friends, and how you can help us make the world a
little more fair for us all.

AND...we have a new alternative gift card for the holiday season: 
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Project Harambee was honored to be invited to include a chapter in the newly published book  "Why Global Health Matters" edited by Dr. Chris Stout.  Our chapter describes the PLANT A SEED, GROW A DOC program and relates stories and successes of our graduates and students.

As always, we are so very grateful to our donors and supporters.  None of this would be possible without your ongoing help.

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The best Mother's Day gift: One that keeps on giving!


ALL moms are special; every mother knows that the secret of life is to make things grow. We hope you'll help us make Mother's Day a memorable event for those far away in Africa who have so little, yet deserve as much as moms everywhere. Give a gift to them in honor of your favorite mother.
Show-stopping alternative gifts for someone who has everything!

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