Speedy help to HIV+ women and their families would not be possible without the assistance and cooperation of the following groups.  We support each mission, recognize their legitimacy, and are grateful to them:


The future of every country lies in its children.  HARAMBEE is dedicated to helping African famlies impacted by HIV improve the lives of their vulnerable children.  We do this by supporting sustainable community development projects in education, health care, and economics,  projects that are not "charitable" but empowering;  Africans don't want a handout, but a hand UP.

                                 "All pull together" for social justice in Africa 


Project Harambee helps in the support of several communities of those seriously impacted by HIV.  We mainly, though not exclusively, work with women.  For their work they receive payment that assists with medical care, rent, and children's needs.   Because sustainability and good management are critical components of successful projects, we need to work with schools, clinics, or other entities that have a well-organized infrastructure in place.


Our 2006 goal is to have a thriving nonprofit business run by Kenyan women for Kenyan women, marketing hand-crafted Kenyan items via e-commerce and a store in Nairobi.  Profits are directed to the needs of Harambee families and expansion of our organization. 

Speaking Engagements

Kathleen Harrison, founder of Harambee,  will present slides and speak to your group about life in Kenya and Zambia and Uganda, experiences leading to the formation of Harambee, the HIV+ Kenyan families in the groups, women supporting HIV+  orphans in Zambia, and how you might enjoy expanding your world via travel to Africa or learning more about life and culture in  Africa.

To request a slide show presentation at no charge for your group or to find out more information about upcoming events posted below, please contact us .

Latia's Story

(picture below) This is Latia at 18 months, weight 11 lbs., when she was found abandoned outside the gates of Nyumbani ( HIV+ and close to death, she was not expected to survive. But

Stories from Africa

Africa Stories:  During our February/March 2011 Africa service trip, we taped several Kenyan family members who have directly benefitted from your donations.  Please go to Facebook (Kathleen Harrison/Project Harambee) to view some of these touching interviews.  Here's a direct link to a video with Everlyne, who lives in Kibera--a slum outside Nairobi.  She is head of Women's Power Group and lovingly responded to an HIV+ baby when the child's birth mother abandon