This year we visited the newest of the projects that we are helping:  The RwandaNow sanctuary outside of Kigali in Rwanda.  This beautiful "Land of The Thousand Hills" is calm now, though still healing from the genocide in the 1990s.  For details of these two trips, see the blog entries for 2012.  The dairy goats, cared for by Dr. Jode Garbe, are multiplying, and we helped to launch a volunteer veterinary student program at Louisianna State University.  Several student vets will be heading off to Rwanda to help Dr. Garbe in June of 2013.  Stay tuned for more!  And if perchance you should find yourself someday in Rwanda,  do make a point of going "gorilla trekking" in the Virunga Mountains for the adventure of a lifetime.  Just make sure you aren't the tallest person in your group, or you may be confronted by an alpha male gorilla letting you know in tangible language (i.e., an up close and personal push on your shoulder!) that no one is allowed to be taller than he is.  Say your prayers.  Buy lots of insurance. Keep low.