The following is an email received from Stephanina Kuria, who administers our projects at Upendo Village in Naivasha, Kenya. 

You can see that this community is growing and thriving as people gain health, hope, and confidence that comes from having a measure of control over their lives.  They are hard workers, and seeing the fruits of one's labor is dignifying.  HARAMBEE donors have made this possible.  Many thanks to you all!  And please scroll down even further to see letters from two of our "GROW A DOC" scholarship recipients.

From: Administration [mailto:admin@asnupendovillage.com]
To: 'harambee.work@sbcglobal.net'
Hi  Kathleen,
How are you for so many months? Here at Upendo  village everyone is fine.
I’m writing first to apologize for not updating you in what is going on in project . In fact   I’m very sorry and I do hope that you are going to accept my apology. This is how the project is doing.
DAIRY GOATS:  So far 62 families have benefited with dairy Goats on 27th April 2010, we had a seminar where by 15 clients received the dairy goats but 27 clients were trained, 12 are still in the waiting list and we hope to give out the goats in July .so far 70kids have been calved and out of this number 23 are males and 32 are females, while 15 have died. Out of the 32, 10 kids have been brought to Upendo and benefited other clients, 4 kids have been sold by the beneficiaries and the rest are yet to be brought to brought Upendo village. In fact  this project has proved to be of great help to our clients. They are very happy and  they do pray for you .Attached are the photos .
CHICKEN KEEPING: On 24th may we purchased 200 chicks from  Kenya Agricultural Institute and we have 98 clients and  4 have  died .Those are certified chicks  and the clients  have been told to bring  2 chicks back after six months so that  the others can benefit .The clients are very happy  and so we are. Attached are the photos .
LAND RENTING: Upendo village rented  3 acre land  for 6 clients .They  dug and planted  corns, Peas ,beans and  potatoes .Apart  from  corns the rest of the crops are doing well and are ready  for  harvesting .One of  the client  has harvested  4 bags of potatoes .Attached are photos  and the stages  flow  when  the crops  were  very small up to  date .Kathleen, we can’t thank you  enough for your support. Give our regards  to all who know us. God bless you.
The following is a detailed report of the projects.
On 27th April 2010 – We had a seminar for goat beneficiaries facilitated by a person for Kenya Agricultural Research Institute – Naivasha (KARI).  Fifteen clients received each a dairy goat.  See attached photos.  Below is a comprehensive report of each goat.
1.       Hope for Jane Wanjiru – Hope gives 2 litres of milk daily.  Jane Wanjiru sold a sibling for Kshs.4000/= and paid school fees for her daughter and granddaughter in primary school.
2.       Ngolifa – Ngolifa gives 2.5 litre’s of milk daily.    Jane Karuku sold a sibling at Kshs.6000/= and paid school fees for her granddaughter and medical fees for her son.
3.       Sophia Munyaka – Munyaka gives two litres of milk.  She has been serviced now and has other two kids.  Rose Nduta the beneficiary wants to sell kid after weaning in order to improve the goats shelter.
4.       Alexandria Kadogo – Kadogo gives 2.5 litres of milk.  Grace Wanjiku the beneficiary has sold the male twin for Kshs.5000/= and deposited the money in the account of her grandson.
5.       Willa Mwega – Willa is about to kid.  Joseph Maina the beneficiary has sold a female sibling for Kshs.10,000/= to pay school fees for his children in primary school.
6.       Hellen Upendo – Hellen is giving 2 litres of milk daily.  The beneficiary Grace has sold a He sibling for Kshs.7000/= and purchased material for improving the goats shelter.
7.       Alexa Jamaha – Alexa is about to kid.  The beneficiary Martha’s mother sold a female sibling for kshs.8,000/= and paid a debt she owned.
8.       Sheriff Purity – sheriff is about to kid.  Dorcas the beneficiary has sold a he sibling at Kshs. 5000/= , paid school fees  and bought uniform for her son in primary school.
9.       Madoadoa Holy – Holy has kidded female twins.  She gives  1.5 litres of milk.  Isaac the beneficiary  is taking great care.
10.   Charity Kipenzi – It kidded triplets, two male and one female but one male died after two days.  It gives the family 2 litres daily.  Mercy  Njeri the beneficiary  has sold the male sibling ( first) term at Kshs.6000/= and a female sibling of the second term at Kshs.6000/=.  She paid for her accumulated school fees  for her children in primary schools.
11.   Lucky Muthaka – she gives 2 litres of milk daily.  Edwin’s grandmother the beneficiary has sold two siblings a he goat at kshs.14000/= and paid for  school fees for her grandson and great grand children.  She is planning to buy water tank with the remaining cash.
12.   Flody Leny – Flody is about to kid.  Mary Njeri the beneficiary has sold the first two He siblings Kshs.12,000/= and paid secondary fee for her son.
13.   Lucky Munyaka – Lucky is about to kid.  Esther Kamunju the beneficiary has sold a he sibling and paid for her water tank.
14.    Celeste – Celeste has kidded twins male and female.  He produces 2 litres of milk daily.  The beneficiary  Joseph Muriithi is happy  and is taking good care of the goat.
15.   Ole Mweru –  Has kidded  female kids and produces 2 litres of milk daily. The beneficiary Joyce Nyambura is happy and is taking good care.
16.   Munyaka   -  Upendo village  - Munyaka is about to kid.
17.   Charity  - Charity being among the give goats kidded twins on 28th 2010.
The following  goats are maturing up – Mama B, Debbie, Ella, Hellen Kanini, Ronnie Ferry, Anita, Sakira, Murungu Nyarahia, Swara, Star, Nyaruiru, Baraka Tawir, Guthera, Marura, Hammer.
Waddie Zawadi  has kidded triplets.  Male and two females and after two days the male kid died.  She gives 2 litres of milk daily.
Unity Hannah – Unity had kidded a male and give two litres daily.
The following goats are about to kid.
Teresia, Ginny Munyaka, Smilly , Eileen , Theresa , Rondall is about to calve and gives 1 litre,Donna,Rubby,Shelly,Guinnie and Annastancia.
On 24th may 2010, we held a seminar on chicken rearing and 76 clients attended.  After the seminar each received two certified chicks from Kenya Agricultural Research Institute(KARI) and other others have been coming and receiving the chicks after education.  We had ordered 200 chicks and 4 have died.  Attached are the photos.
3 acres were relented for six clients.  Each client has a  ½ acre .  They were provided with the seeds for planting corn and beans.  After planting they added peas and potatoes.  They have harvested about 13 bags of potatoes, corn and beans are not yet ready.  Peas have been harvested green.   They sold some and ate some.   They were about 8 bags of 90kgs each.    These six families have plenty to eat and sell.   This is because this year there was enough rains.  One of the beneficiaries brought some potatoes to the sisters.  See attached photos. ( There was an agreement that they are going to refund the money they used to rent the land so as to benefit other clients.)
The following clients received subsidy loans from Upendo village.
He has been keeping Broilers for two terms and during the third term they all died due to floods.  He has been paying for the subsidy loan.  They pay Kshs.3000/= after the sales and deposit in his account Kshs.3000/=.  He is preparing the shelter for the chicken.

He has a small business enterprise of mobile hotel and he is doing well.  He makes Chapati’s and Mandazi’s which sales in hotels in Naivasha town.  He is able to pay Kshs.2000/= monthly.  He deposits Kshs.2000/ in his account monthly also  and pays school fees for his children, house rent and up keep.  They are able to sustain themselves and are living better now.
She has a small (shop).  It’s doing well and she pays Kshs.1000/= per month and deposits Kshs.1000/= in her account.  She is able to cater for her sons school fees and  bills for her son in secondary school.  She has enough to keep her living better.
She completed paying for her water tank loan  using the money saved and she has access to clean drinking water.  She has received another subsidy loan of Kshs.  15,000/= to stock je small shop.  She is doing well and able to take care of her family.
Njeri is a business lady who received Kshs.15,000/= to restock he business.  She sales vegetables and fruits.  She pays Kshs.500/= per month and deposits Kshs.500/= in her account.  She is able to feed her family and grandchild.
She has a small store for selling vegetables and fruits.  She got a subsidy loan of Kshs.5000/=.  She pays Kshs.500/= monthly and deposits Kshs.500/= in her account.  She is doing well and able to cater for her family.
She has a business of baby care in her house.  She received subsidy loan of kshs.2000/=.  She will be paying Kshs.300/= and deposit kshs.300/= in her account.  We hope she is going to be successful.
He is a fruit vendor.   He received Kshs.2500/=.  He will be paying Kshs.500/= and deposit Kshs.500/= in his account monthly.  It is our hope that he will do well.
 MARGARET ODONGO  She is a small business woman who was given Kshs.2000/= for her vegetable and fruit store.  She has not been successful  but we are following her up.

Yours sincerely,  Stephanina Kuria 

Letters from two of HARAMBEE’s  medical scholarship students, sent 10/10:

I hereby would like to share with my dear sponsors about my experience at the campus for the first semester,that began on may untill August.It has been a semester with so much blessings.
The first time I went to the school I was so much impressed because I could not imagine my future dream was being fulfilled in just all of a sudden.
The school had a variety of people both young and old.It took me sometime to get aquinted to these people but finally I was able to socialize and even make friends.
On academic part, evrything seemed new and the lectures were carried out in a different way. For the first few weeks I used to get confused during the lectures but as time went on I caught up and this was no longer a problem.
I did nine units for the first semester.And I had lectures which ran from 7am upto 5pm with break of 1 hour after each lecture class.The exams were a little bit long,it had three parts ;that is the multiple choices questions, short essays and long essays. Each exam took upto three hours.
The course is quite challenging and require so much dedication because it has so much to be learnt. But this was not a bother to me since I know that this is what I had been dreaming for since my childhood and of course,to be of good service to the society it has to be so for one to be competitive professional.
The lecturers are friendly and are willing to be of help when one is in need.They work together with students harmoniously and they also encourage them.The school equipments and books are updated but not enough for all students.There are good books in the schools library but is not easy to access them because there are many students who are in need in this few books.
On the issue of tuition fee and accomodation I didn't have any problem since I was able to pay all the amount in the beginning of the semester and this made my time at the school quite humble.Thanks to courtesy of CLC office and my dear sponsors and may the Lord Almighty continue blessing and providing for them.
After the exams, we were given a one week break after which we were to resume for the second semester with the following:
  • Medical equipments i.e patella hammer and examination pen torch.
  • Stationery 
  • vaccination fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Accomodation fee. 
Reported by,
Yallah Collins Ochieng
I take this opportunity to thank God for His protection since I joined Mt Kenya university from May  to August 2010.I loved the school.The environment is cool and academically friendly.  
There are approximately everything that a student may need within the compound, for example;shop,Dispensary,swimming pool  and many other things.
There are numerous activities that I engaged  in during the semester. I attended my classes from the fiest day to the last apart from two days that I was sick and was unable to attend the classes.I enjoyed the lessons since we had encouraging and advising lecturers.
They encourage  us to work hard if we want to prosper and have a better life.
Apart from academics,Mt. Kenya university also provide corriculum activities such as volleyball,basketball,hockey,rugby,drama and other associations.Amost these i joined volleyball,drama and first aid association.  
Above all these I joined Christian union which help students grow spritually. 
During weekends as agroup of students we visited the diasable children in children's home and also did some volunteer work during the world's environmental day in the  mornth of May.
Within the semester I did two continous assessment tests and lastly I did my end semester exam which lasted for two weeks.I was given a break of one week.
During the stay in the university I learnt alot of things.First in my academic work I was able to gain alot that will help me in my career field.I was also able to make a lot of friends, which later I came to realize that others were not friends as I thouhgt before.Some had negative intention towards our friendship which I tried as much as possible to avoid them and I believe it really helped me.
Lastly,when we visit the disabled I was challenged and found out that I am blessed,and thanked God for that.There were those who were not able to walk but still had a life to live.
Everything that we do must have smooth and rough part of it,without challenges we can never grow and therefore I can say challenges help us grow.
Being the first semester ,many things seemed new and hard,and even I thought it was not easy to understand them .
Another thing is that, some lecturers are lazy and do not attend classes,where we ended up not doing one of the registered unit of the semester.
The exams also seemed to be hard,I didnt understand the setting format but I believe I tried my best and will perform in them.
I would like to thank you for the good work you are doing and I ask the almighty God to continue blessing you.I am really greatfull for the offer and every thing that they have provided for me.
Report by,
Faith Juma.