During the holiday season last year, TEACHERS received 67,483 candles,   82,792 bottles of hand lotion and 98,327 Starbuck’s gift cards from their students**.  It will take approximately 17 years to burn all the candles and 19 years to use all of the hand lotion. 

2007 progress

      The 2006 medical volunteer program continues to reap rewards. There have been publications & media interviews to draw attention to sub-Saharan Africa & the need for medical education addressing global health and social justice. Several students returned to Kenya in 02/07 to continue work with community development. Donations for crafts made by the groups in Kenya help us all by supporting the Kenyan families affected by HIV & enabling us to raise funds for future projects.


Our Christmas fairs for 2007 have come and gone!  But it is possible for you to purchase items offered on the website via check or PayPal.    I am sorry that the website isn't fully updated...but hope to correct  that soon.  Please email for items you would like.  It's not too late to give someone a gift card for a dairy goat, chickens, or a solar stove donated in their name.  And, thanks to the hard work of Heidi Horan and Vivian Brown,  I've recently received a new shipment of items from our craft workshops.  I will photo those items and post them on the website asap.

In a nutshell

HARAMBEE strongly vaues accountability to those who entrust us with their donations. Our costs are low—our staff of one is unpaid, and we pay no rent or other overhead. We plan carefully so that whatever we do in a faraway country will benefit a maximum number of people and will be implemented sensitively and responsibly. We work with established schools and clinics so that there is good management and sustainability. All of our projects are partnerships, not charity; we believe it is fair and empowering to expect something back so that those we help can participate in the development of their community.